Development & Sustainability

Areas of Competencies:
  1. Reproductive Health and Family Planning
  2. Early childhood Education Policy and Reform
  3. Adults Education and Training
  4. Career Guidance in higher education
  5. Water Resource Management
  6. Early Childhood Development National Strategy and Plan of Action
  7. Social Entrepreneurship and Community Based Initiatives
  8. Psycho-social Support
  9. Human rights
  10. Social & economical development


Consulting Projects:
  1. Human Resources Management System, East Mediterranean 
  2. National Career Guidance Program, King Abdallah II Fund for Development, USAID Funded Project, implemented by DAI (Jordan Competitiveness Program).
  3. Community Based Initiatives and Social Entrepreneurship Project, DVV International Funded Project, Ministry of Social Development, Jordan.
  4. Water Resource Management Strategy and M&E KPI’s, Water Authority of Jordan, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan.
  5. Early Childhood Development National Strategy and Plan of Action  , National Council for Family Affairs, Jordan.
  6. Family Planning and Reproductive Health Action Plan, Higher Population Council, Jordan.
  7. Early Childhood Education Policy Review and Reform, Ministry of Education, funded by USAID, Implemented by Save-the-Children.
Training Workshops: